A Hip Hop Artist, found to stay warm or cool from the weathers of minneapolis, MN.

Artist D.E.I
Hip Hop Artist D.E.I was born and raised in Minneapolis,MN. His career started in 2007 as a Rap Performer at colleges. In 2009 D.E.I released his first album titled Change of Plans. Also he was feature in the Black Bird Elements and Health Awareness album. D.E.I released two singles on his Back II Back CD in 2012. Energetically Speaking hit Market on Oct. 11, 2013.

He enjoy listening to hip hop, light rock, and R&B music. He is the youngest out of a household of 7 members. D.E.I came from a single parent home. He grew up in the North Side Minneapolis Projects. Hip hop wasn’t just a way to avoid Gangs, but also helped D.E.I to living freely. Hip Hop Artist D.E.I used teachers, siblings, mentors, friends and fans as motivation for his music. “Chase your dreams, not the competition.” - (D.E.I)